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this community needs an update, crossposted in personal journal

yesterday started off terrible..i lost one of my plugs and so i had to buy a new set, which pretty much upset me the entire day.

so yesterday around five or six'ish, craig calls me and asks what i am doing tonite, i had a few minor things to do like prepare my speech and stuff so i said, "why, what's going on?" apparently one of his friends in lead scholars[keith] had to go this thing called booty bash or whatever and you had to dress up in costume. keith wanted to go as the fab five from queer eye for the straight guy, and they needed a fifth person[mind you, i'm the only straight one]. so i'm always willing to help a friend out and so i went. jason, craig, and i picked up ryan, where we "accessorized" our costumes/attire/whatever with shopping bags from saks fifth avenue, sisley's and louis vuitton.

so the five of us were walking down the hallway to the pegasus ballroom where this function was being held, and we got all these looks and whispers from everyone. we were the talk of the town. everyone absolutely loved us, they wanted pictures and everything..we even met miss america and took pictures with her. and a lot of the girls there were flirting with me, which was very much appreciated, and i got some digits. and guess who one the costume contest? that's right bitch, the fab five.

ryan and i

ryan, craig, and i

jason, ryan, craig, keith, and i

jason, ryan, craig, and i

ryan, keith, craig

i'll upload a few more if you'd like
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hey you guys seem really cool. you remind me so much of me and my friend alisha she is straight and well i am the lesbian! i need some more people to talk to on here that are more open minded. check out our journal. we just started it so it is not very good...yet!
Alex, are you sure that you're straight? You look mighty comfortable there. You should start coming to the GLBSU meetings WITH me! YAY! Awesome, by the way. You look great.
oh man... that's so cute.
alexxx i hearttt yuuuuu
heyy i got ur lj from a comminuty thing. great site . later - gracie
im lostt